State-of-the-art care that's easier on you.

Dr. DuPrey and Dr. Murphy are on the leading edge of women's medicine. They offer state-of-the-art care to address all your gynecologic health concerns, always in the most conservative way possible. The doctors also provide tests, treatments and surgery that are safe, effective and patient-friendly, including Endometrial Ablation, Urinary Incontinence Treatment, Aesthetic Vaginal Surgery, and LEEP treatment for abnormal Pap Smears. They also offer the vaccine for HPV infection, Gardasil.

• Minimally invasive treatment for heavy periods, called Endometrial Ablation - can also be an excellent alternative to hysterectomy. This treatment can be performed in the office setting to minimize your time away from home. We are able to use local anesthesia giving you a comfort level that is very satisfactory. An alternative is general anesthesia performed in a hospital setting. We do not give general anesthesia in the office setting. We evaluate each patient to see who is appropriate for an office procedure. The first step in the evaluation is usually a biopsy to rule out any evidence of cancer. After the appropriate workup the treatment can be performed. A cure is the return of a normal menstrual pattern however many women experience a complete loss of menstrual periods (amenorrhea). This is considered the most optimal result.

• Complete evaluation and management of bladder control problems, Urinary Incontinence. We perform testing in the office to determine the extent and type of problem that you may have. The problems may range from leakage of urine when coughing, sneezing, or laughing, to the inability to hold your urine once the urge to urinate has started. After testing, we determine if you are an appropriate candidate for surgery or medication. Since incontinence is not a life threatening illness, patients usually seek out treatment when the problem is changing their lifestyle. Whether you are a candidate for medication or surgery, you will be counseled on the risks and benefits of treatment. The surgery is a same-day procedure performed in a hospital setting. You will be required to abstain from sex for 4-6 weeks after the procedure to allow complete healing. More information is listed below.

• In-office follow-up care for abnormal Pap test results. We perform colposcopy and LEEP in the office setting to allow for a complete diagnosis of your abnormal pap smear
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